4' x 16' Living Soil Raised Bed w/ Double Trellis Fittings

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4' x 16' Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Raised Bed + Double Trellis Fittings

4 x 16 x 1.5 Living Soil Raised Bed:

Living Soil Raised Beds are the ideal way to maximize soil volume for your surface area.

This living soil raised bed kit is made by Grassroots Fabric pots, and is complete with their moisture-lock plastic lining to ensure moisture makes its way into your bed--no more run-off from hydrophobic soil/media! If you dont see a size that will work for you, submit a custom order request and well take care of you!

Our raised beds come with PVC fittings. All youll need to do is get 1? PVC to complete the setup.

These beds generally will hold up 3-5 years in an outdoor setting, or 5-8 years in an indoor setting.

Like the pictured bed, but with another layer of trellising!

Double Trellis:

This kit comes with additional fittings to build a double trellis to your desired height.

4 x16 Double trellis kit includes:

  • Fabric for raised bed
  • Four 3-way fittings
  • Fourteen 4-way fittings
  • Twelve 5-way fittings

Assembling your 4 x 16 raised bed + double trellis:

Not included: You will need to purchase the following 1" PVC pipe lengths separately

  • Ten 16.75 inch lengths
  • Thirty-nine 45.5 inch lengths
  • 10 equal lengths of your choice for the first trellis
  • 10 equal lengths of your choice for the second trellis

This equals 1942 inches, or rounds up to 162 feet total of 1" PVC pipe before the double trellis

Add 10 x (desired 1st trellis height) + 10 x (desired 2nd trellis height) for total PVC pipe needed

Want more information? Link to Grassroots Raised Bed Guide here.

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